Chord presents CPA 3000 and SPM 1050 for deep pocketed audiophiles

WARNING: if you hear one you will need one! This is the warning by the brand;, not me. England’s Chord Electronics is an engineering firm with a passion to make the world’s best-sounding audio products. They have developed many highly innovative proprietary technologies that simply cannot be copied. The latest from them for best-seeking audiophiles are CPA 3000 preamplifier and SPM 1050 power amplifier. The fully balanced CPA 3000 is the newest of Chord’s new generation pre-amplifiers. It features Chord’s latest Ultra High-Frequency power supplies, a completely re-designed short signal path, and an ultra low noise circuit to give the very best noise floor performance.

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While the SPM 1050 is the newest stereo power amplifier. Using Chord’s latest low distortion amplifier circuitry and proprietary lateral structure dual-die MOSFETs, the SPM 1050 is able to drive more difficult loudspeaker loads with clarity and precision. The CPA 3000 is tagged at $12,300 while the SPM 1050sells for, $9300.

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