Christian Louboutin’s red sole fitted with recycled phone is meant for talking and not walking

In a bid to encourage consumers to recycle their old gadgets, U.K. company O2 Recycle has launched Walkie Talkies, which is a series of four pairs of classic shoes with recycled, functional cell phones in the soles. A world-renowned brand that is a hot favorite with the women, Christian Louboutin, too is a part of this project. The brand’s famous redsoles of a classic pair of heels have been revamped courtesy of designer Sean Miles, who has fitted it with a functional phone. The other coveted shoes which are a part of this project include a men’s brogue, a Nike Air training shoe, and a Hunter Welly.

This environment-friendly project comes at a high price, with each pair of Walkie Talkies priced at $4,000. For those who do not want to shell out so much money, the March exhibit of the fashion phones will allow you to win one.

These shoes are clearly meant for talking!