Cloche, a hanging refrigerator

Can you imagine youself hanging you leftover food, sweetdishes, ice-creams in the air! Moreover, grabbing your favorite chilled delicacies from a hanging gizmo? Cloche, a petite hanging refrigerator is an answer to your wacky imagination. Perfect for storing delicacies in your future living room or to save space in your compact apartment, Cloche is a refrigerator hanging from the ceiling. Designed by Joakim Oscarsson, it is inspired by the classic silver cloche but is a totally new product for the future residence. For nocturnal foodies who wake-up in the middle of the nights, this dangling device lights up when the room is dark, making your cold cuts a meaty beacon for you to drift towards.

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Hang on, don’t let your imaginations go berserk as this prototype Cloche isn’t actually for sale, but an idea this will definitely materialize as a futuristic home appliance.