Colorware blings up the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones in 24K gold

If you fancy high-end gadgets but absolutely loathe the stereotypical colors they come in, ColorWare is here to get you loud and clear. Known to add splashes of bright and bling to your gadgets, the quirky brand presents to you the iconic Bose QC35 headphones in a catchy gold avatar. Limited to only 50 pairs, the acclaimed headphones don a 24 carat gold plating on the exterior with a quintessential matt black finish on the inside.

The wireless Bose QC35 headphones boast of superior noise cancellation with a built-in Bluetooth functionality for a seamless musical experience. Catering to the high demand for gold , ColorWare Ceo, Justin Cisewski, stated “24K Gold has been in high demand with our customers so we are excited to now offer it with our bestselling headphones!”. The brand follows a quality -intensive process with rigorous phases of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting and inspection, before the merchandise is buffed and reassembled. In the finishing stage, the product is double checked for specifications before being packaged for sale.

While you can purchase the original Bose headphones in black for an approximate price of $350, a vamped up pair in gold will set you back by $749. Available on the brand’s website, the headphones will be shipped within two weeks of ordering. Incase gold is your thing, hurry up to book yourself a pair of these exotic Bose QC35 headphones in gold before they stock out!

[Available at:Colorware]

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