ColorWare presents a retro version of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro in grey

Doing what it does best, ColorWare, our beloved custom game console brand presents to us the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro in a brand new (read as good old) avatar. Taking us right back to the start of the PlayStation saga, the brand showcases the ultra-sleek PS 4 Pro in retro shades of, well, grey of course! Post delivering a bulk of quirky customs in bright hues, ColorWare has played it mellow this time around with the use of earthy yet classic greys for the super-swanky Sony PS4 Pro.

Going retro, the gaming console will come in dual shades of grey with the PlayStation Logo sitting atop in a mix of red, green, blue and yellow. Not one to go low on craftsmanship and quality, ColorWare ensure that each of its products passes the intense phases of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting and inspection before being buffed and reassembled. Followed by the former steps, the product is also thoroughly inspected before being packaged for sale.

Apart from the PS4 Pro, ColorWare has re-designed a number of electronic devices in the past including the luxe makeover of the 24k Xbox One Pearl in white and gold. Being a pro in its own right, the brand has an elaborate line of customized headphones, controllers and consoles for your liking. As for the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, the customized versions will only be available in a limited edition of 25 pieces for $899 each. If this one’s caught your fancy, order it before it stocks out and have it shipped at your doorstep within 7 -10 business days.