Coming soon to a campus in Silicon valley – This meditation pod that allows you to control anxiety levels and boost productivity levels

Work from home has become more of a norm than a choice amid the ongoing COVID pandemic. We are required to juggle between the office and other chores within the four walls of our home. However, here to help you do so efficiently is a meditative pod that looks nothing less than a god-sent gift!

Designed as a portal of its own, the pod is manufactured by OpenSeed. The company believes that the “human race will access higher states of awareness, not through external technological developments, but by taking the journey within” and their meditative pod can help them achieve just that.

The installation can be accessed by sitting in a cross-legged position or by inviting folks over for a joint meditative/awareness session inside it. It features audio settings that allow one to listen to soothing music either via headphones or concealed speakers. The pod also features four fans for temperature control, sanitizing UV lights, and a touchscreen tablet for selecting the guided meditations and sound therapies.

It is made using plywood and felt and is currently available in two versions – a standard variant priced at $25,000 and a premium variant with an advanced sound package priced at $27,000. The exclusive meditation pods can be purchased online via OpenSeed’s official webpage. Rejuvenation guaranteed!

[Via: Yanko Design]

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