Concept Blade loudspeakers from KEF promise unbeatable performance

The latest Concept Blade loudspeakers from KEF promise to take every music buffs breath-away. The loudspeakers are a result of three years of exhaustive research, testing and experimentation. The Concept Blade with its amazing technologies is sure to impress one and all. The tweeter and mid-range in the Concept Blade share the same acoustic center. The single apparent source technology integrated in the speakers works flawlessly with the four newly developed 10-inch woofers employed in the loudspeaker. These side-firing woofers also share the same acoustic center as the mid-range/tweeter, assisting with the smooth frequency response. The woofers are mounted in both sides of the speaker enclosure in opposed, symmetrical pairs, so their sound can cancel out one another on the inside of the cabinet. To obtain the full benefit of this configuration, the backs of the magnets of each bass driver have been bonded directly to one another. This stunning loudspeaker incorporated with an unbeatable technologies is made from a carbon-fiber, balsa-wood composite found in ultra-high performance cars. The parabolic curvature of the cabinet increases its strength, which makes sure that the sound is only generated from driver movement and not from distortion of the cabinet. The most notable feature of this unique speaker is that it doesn’t suffer from internal standing waves like many other shoe box shaped speakers.

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According to KEF, the features and technologies of the Concept Blade boasts will be incorporated into future models in its range. KEF has definitely created a masterpiece with these speakers that not only look great but promise performance like no other.