Coultury’s Carbon Fiber Black Label iPhone 6 rendition is as artistic as it is durable

Sometimes it’s not just about making a name for your brand as much as it is ensuring that customer satisfaction is always preeminent; for companies like Coultury, this is a creed that is followed from the top of the ladder all the way through to the last rung. Coultury is one of Russia’s premier iPhone modification companies who specialize in the redesign and customizing of the device based on customer’s unique requirements. And just in case customers are not exactly what they want, the company also produces some state-of-the-art, out-of-the-box options that are both innovations on their own and are sure to enhance the handset’s value to users. Of course their repertoire doesn’t include just the iPhone modding but extends a little further with the inclusion of the repair of some devices that range from Apple products to a few other high-end brands and also the manufacture of custom high-end accessories for a range of devices.

Coultury Carbon Fiber Black Label iPhone 6 (8)
Coultury’s philosophy is to love what they do and to do what they love and that attitude is translated into their highly refined, bespoke creations. The team of designers and customizers work very closely with their customers to ensure that the final product captures the true essence of what a customer wants/desires from their customized devices and that each detail is meticulously crafted and designed to perfection, hence the price tags they bear aren’t for everyone. Dedication to the art of modding a device and delivering a finished product that meets all the expectations of their customers is exactly what makes the company a sought after firm for the kind of work they do.
Coultury Carbon Fiber Black Label iPhone 6 (10)
From the use of a variety of metals that include titanium alloys, gold (white, yellow, pink) Nickel Silver, Aluminum to other materials like wood, the designers have been able to create masterpieces that do not conform to the norm. In case further customization is required, the company’s specialists are also well versed with mechanical and laser engraving procedures for devices as well as a variety of polishing methods to bring about different finishes like Matt, satin etc.

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