Crescent moon shaped 3D Individual Audio System delivers hi-quality sound

French tech company Chirita systems have unveiled their latest high-tech speakers 3D Individual Audio System 3DIAS Crescent Moon. This futuristic speaker system is designed to surround you with sound and is easily fitted on chairs and sofas. Due to its unique crescent moon shape, it can engulf you at ear level, emitting high-quality sound with minimal distortion. This speaker system is handcrafted from wood and fitted with 7 speakers. Each speaker is designed with its own built-in audio amplifier, filter, and initadependent volume settings. One of the features that will appeal to music lovers, gaming enthusiasts, musicians, audio professionals, and movie buffs is that these speakers are wireless. They are compatible with receiving signals from most of the latest gadgets and devices like your computer, TV, 3D CD player, iPod, and MP3 players. If, in any case, you are tempted to invest in one of them, be prepared to shell out €6400 ($8,500).

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