Custom Build your own zzzPhone

One man’s medicine can be another man’s poison, this old adage holds good in the cellphone world too. I mean, I may be crazy about the camera, MP3, and multimedia features but you may want a business phone. So to settle the scuffles it’s better to build your own phone. Quite like Build-a-bear or Dell, the zzzPhone allows you to choose your options. You can custom build your phone, just the way you want it. Their factory in China is awaiting your order! The body is standard but you can fill it up with GPS, 7-megapixel camera, 4GB internal memory, stereo speakers, and Windows Mobile (or equivalent) operating system. It even has two SIM card slots.

Prices on the zzzPhone vary according to the options chosen. They start at a quite reasonable $149 for a 3-megapixel version with Windows Mobile and a 3-inch VGA display.