Apple iMac glams up with gold and ornamental stones

Apple epitomizes the best of technology so why shouldn’t it also epitomize the best of luxury. The iMac has received many makeovers over the years, some technological by Apple and some luxury based, such as the 24K gold iMac, the Swarowski encrusted iMac and the chrome iMac. This latest revamp of the iMac screams of opulence and is made of a combination of gold and stone. The case for the desktop has been completely replaced by onyx, while the monitor is made of ivory. This customizable iMac can be made in stones such as malachite, jade or onyx. The logo featured on the iMac is also customizable based on the customers choice and will be made entirely of gold.

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This unique customized iMac take 2 months to make and will cost you a cool $93,750.