Cyberbike keeps you happy and fit

I remember how my brother and me used to be hooked to the video game console all day long skipping school and college most of times. An addiction as it already was, it also made us really lethargic and I had to work out 1 hour every day just to shed off those extra pounds. I still get a driving temptation to grab the hand control and start playing the racing game but I dread the extra pounds that I will have to shed after the pleasurable sittings. Winner of the coveted “Good toy” award, the Cyberbike is a gaming bike where the child controls the speed and direction of the game character by cycling the bike and moving the handles. It is a self-controlled gaming bike, which connects, to any TV set and it comes in two sizes, infant and junior. Happy gymming kids!

The price is $144 and adult supervision is required during use.