Cybertecture mirror signals the arrival of the future

While techno-freaks and sci-fi lovers have prayed for the Jetsons era to dawn upon us, it seems the first to enjoy the highly-evolved Jetsons-like technology will be the narcissist folks. And offering the futuristic treat to narcissists is Hong Kong’s James Law, who has created the high-tech WiFi-enabled Cybertecture mirror. The mirror boasts of an infographics display, stereo speakers, and it is completely fog-resistant glass! The smart Cybertecture mirror connects to a cloud-based digital profile that delivers current weather forecasts and flight information. So get updated on the daily news while you do your makeup or even brush your teeth. It will even display readings presented from a scale to help you monitor your weight (via a display on the mirror or a web-based portal).

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A great excuse for narcissists to spend just a few more minutes in front of the mirror, this high-tech mirror is truly awesome. What is more, workaholics and folks on the go would love this mirror as it helps save time and allows them to multitask, i.e., get daily news while they brush, shave or get dressed for work?
Not just a concept, this mirror is all set to be available in the spring of 2011 for around $8,000. You can pre-order your very own futuristic Cybertecture mirror by clicking here.
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