Dallmeier launches Swarovski crystal studded surveillance camera

For all those who swear by the term, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it”, here is the best way to flaunt your luxurious lifestyles. The company, Dallmeier from Regensburg is helping you flaunt your lavish lifestyles by introducing Swarovski studded surveillance cameras. No longer will your surveillance camera perform the task of just monitoring your space but also become a beautiful piece of décor by blending perfectly with your interiors. Glittering with 600 Swarovski crystals, this surveillance camera is sure to be the center piece of any room. But the camera is not just about looks. This crystal studded camera promises high level performance and is equipped with a 1 / 3 “DPS Image Sensor with Cam_inPIX technology, which digitally converts and processes the picture information of each pixel directly at the point of capture.

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This technology ensures clear pictures even in difficult lighting situations. A beautiful union of technology and luxury, this surveillance camera is sure to be a favorite with bling lovers. Priced at €1,400 ($2,015), this surveillance camera is definitely a great way to flaunt your plush lifestyles.