Datamancer offers exquisite Sojourner keyboard for the holiday season

After impressing us with the Steampunk monitor and the Alchemist keyboard, Datamancer has now introduced the beautiful Sojourner keyboard. Techno geeks with an aesthetic sense will surely be attracted to this keyboard like bees to honey. The keyboard crafted in polished brass and artificially tarnished flaunts a weathered look. The battered keys are electroplated in brass and stand out against the aged leather faceplate and parchment key inserts. A truly functional piece of art, this keyboard is definitely a collector’s item. What is more, Datamancer has one completely ready Sojourner keyboard which it is offering for immediate purchase. So if any of you are looking for that last minute gift for your techno friends, this keyboard is definitely a must buy.

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The exquisite keyboard is priced at $1500 USD and will be sold on first come, first serve basis. It will be shipped overnight to ensure delivery before Christmas.