Datamancer’s Alchemist Keyboard confuses the geeks with symbols

This one is certainly not designed for a layman. Only folks with a scientific acquaintance will understand the need for such a keyboard. Exclusively designed for a pharmacist, Datamancer has given form to the Alchemist Keyboard. The site mentions that it is ‘themed around Apothecarial and Alchemical icons, including the Bowl of Hygeia, the Caduceus, and the Eye of Ra (from which the modern “Rx” symbol used by pharmacists is derived). Stained-glass on the sides adds color to this otherwise all-metal keyboard. Designed for PC use, it is a USB keyboard that is not compatible with Mac. It also comes with a braided brass cord. The site also gives an account of various symbols used for the keys.

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The function keys display the elemental symbols of the various metals used in the construction of the keyboard and a few others. The tilde and number keys display the symbols for the sun, moon, and planets.
The symbols for Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, are found on the arrow keys, and the number pad uses stylized Roman numerals.
The Enter and Shift keys are labeled with the symbols for Alchemical processes like mixing, stirring, combining, etc. Secundum artem is a Latin phrase meaning “according to the art.”

As soon as it hit eBay for sale, it was picked up for $2,300. However there are plans to make more of these Alchemist Keyboards (including Mac-compatible versions) to please all those who care to type on this confusing full-of-symbols keyboard. It will certainly complement the Steampunk LCD Monitor.

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