Davone Rithm Speaker bends price too for acoustic indulgence

Well, recession brings some good news, if not all bad all the time. While you might not really be listening to sweet music everywhere you go, you can at least do so in the comfort of your own home, right? And with the new announcement from the Danish makers of Davone RITHM loudspeakers, music is finally low on cost for once! Although the speakers are 27inches tall, they are as elegant as the sound they can produce. The speakers use a high-resolution coaxial loudspeaker driver. Combine that with the pressure-formed wood cabinetry; the speakers give powerful, precise, and balanced music. They also deliver controlled and tuneful bass in low-frequency settings.

Originally priced at $5,595 a pair, the speaker system is now available at $3,995 a pair. But it’s not all good news. The company has discontinued Oak and Black colors and now provides only the Walnut finish speakers. On the flip side, though, the company will also furnish the dealer with an unfinished wood finish to customize the settings as per customer requirements.
[TheSignalCollection And Sixmoons]

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