Dell offers the most expensive upgrade which is supposed to be cost effective

I am no techie, but I keep my eye out for the latest announcements regarding upgrades and other updates regarding today’s gizmos. The latest news to catch my attention comes from Dell who has announced an upgrade for the Mobile Precision M6500 from 16GB to 32GB for a cool price of $8,053 per gigabyte! Now that is a big bite (pun totally intended) into your pockets. However, might I add, this is the first mobile workstation to offer 32GB RAM in a laptop. The cost difference between the base 2GB version and the epic 32GB edition is $9,234. With this new announcement, Dell has pushed Apple from the reigning position of offering the most expensive upgrade.

Dell justifies the price by saying, “Adding memory at the time of purchase can be more cost-effective and convenient than upgrading later.” Well, since I am not the proud owner of a Dell product, I guess I don’t need to worry about scrounging the money to afford this expensive upgrade.

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