De’Longhi Perfecta Living Room limited edition…coffee time in your living room!

Your kitchen is no more a place where your coffee machine should be. At least not when it is the very hot De’Longhi Perfecta Living Room limited edition that has upped the status of coffee machines, earning them a place in your living rooms. If you don’t wanna keep it in your living room it’s okay by us. Just cause it is the Living room edition doesn’t mean you replace your LCD with the coffee machine. And before I deviate any further from the topic let’s get back to this machine and its advantages. The individually certified machines will each be limited to 1,902 production units per model, paying homage to the year 1902, when De’Longhi was founded. The machines each have De’Longhi’s patented cappuccino system which makes the preparation of frothy milk coffee easy via a direct selection button. Using the modern O-ring and the therein integrated button, three different cup sizes, and aroma strengths can be selected. In addition, the grind size, coffee powder, and quantity of water are also individually programmable. The machines are available in three models like titanium, burl wood and leather look each better than the other.

I think the USP is a “My Coffee” button which enables users to enter, save and call up their own individual taste preference whenever they want. These fully automatic espresso makers can be purchased for $2000. You an have your coffee light but don’t you dare take coffee lightly!

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