Denon SMART S-302 Wi-Fi DVD home entertainment system

The latest SMART S-302 Wi-Fi networked DVD home entertainment system from Denon features the central unit, two speakers, and a slim subwoofer. It offers virtual surround sound, with just the two stereo speakers, and the DVD player also upscales standard-definition DVDs to 1080p for display on a high definition TV, via an HDMI port. The home network is integrated via WiFi plus it also plays CDs, iPod, audio from USB drives. Other specs include Internet radio and audio streaming from any PC or Mac on the network. It boasts of the Dolby Virtual Speaker feature delivers a cinematic sound field, clear dialogue, and remarkable sound effects. Audyssey Bass-XT and Audyssey Dynamic EQ features offer greater bass response from the Included subwoofer and extended dynamics at all volume levels.

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The Denon SMART S-302 system features 50 watts per channel, with 100 watts amplification for the subwoofer and two-way speakers. The DVD drive is taken from Denon’s high-end DVD-2930 DVD player. The system uses top-quality aluminum, robust steel chassis, and separate boards and power supplies for the various circuits. It is available for £1,250 or $2,550.

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