Denon unveils new Blu-ray player, DVD-2500BT

Denon is known for its superb contribution to the electronics world and this time around they are offering updated technology with their Blu-ray player, DVD-2500BT. The player concentrates on reading the Blu-ray disc, without decoding it. It is a Blu-ray disc transport that outputs video and digital audio signals via a version 1.3a HDMI port, supporting Deep Color and 1080/24p output for a full cinematic experience. To explain this better Denon says, “Combining top-of-the-line audio/video standards with rigid, multi-layered construction, the transport eliminates outside interference to deliver unrivaled playback. This performance is sent to an A/V receiver through a single HDMI output – no analog outputs or HD audio decoders are necessary.

The DVD-2500BT hosts a unique drive mechanism that has been developed for use with Blu-ray discs. By adding a shield to the bottom and top of the unit Denon ensures that the internal disk space is protected from magnetic influences, dust, and external noise. The critically acclaimed Suppress Vibration Hybrid (S.V.H.) loader constructed with a combination of different materials to ensure stable disc rotation and greater accuracy in disc reading has also been included in the system. The video and power circuits are placed as two independent blocks within the chassis. This has been done to eliminate signal degradation caused by interference between circuits.
The DVD-2500BT comes in three-color versions: black, silver, and premium silver, complementing every Denon A/V receiver color available. The new player will retail at £900 or $1,600.

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