Denon unveils state of the art Blu-ray disc player

While still quite nascent in the market, Blu-ray disc players have begun to permeate the shelves, and the demand for these devices has only gone up. Denon has unveiled a coo new Blu-ray disc player that meets world standards in audio quality and comes with state of the art technology. DBP-4010UD is their latest player, which also comes with many of the features found in Denon’s award winning DVD-A1UD model. The DBP-4010UD can be used for audio and video playback of all disc-based formats and the facility for enjoying various alternative media formats.

The Ethernet port allows Internet connectivity, BD-Live interactivity and web control, and of course, the much-needed firmware updates. It is expected to cost $3,200, which really isn’t much if you consider the features. The Blu-ray player can read different formats, including DVDs, DivX, JPEG, MP3, WMA, and AAC. The sleek and stylish design makes sure that the DBP-4010UD is a sure winner, and the guys at Denon deserve all the credit. We had earlier written about Denon’s DVD-2500BT Blu-ray player which was praiseworthy too.

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