Deuce unveils the high-tech Digital Stereo Backgammon 4200

While classy creations like the Casino Royal Armoire have their own appeal, in this digital, gadget powered world, it is still the techno powered creations that are favored more dearly by the masses. Sensing this favorable trend towards high-tech creations, Deuce has decided to add its own high-tech touch to your game nights. With the unveiling of the Digital Stereo Backgammon 4200, Deuce has definitely won the hearts of tech-loving Backgammon addicts. Besides featuring touchscreen controls, this digital Backgammon 4200 board also boasts of integrated stereo speakers, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes while you play. A complete entertainment package, the Digital Stereo Backgammon 4200 board is truly a class apart.

Sure to be loved by the tech-loving generation of today, this board game will surely make game nights a lot more fun.

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