Digital Photo Frame for $500

So, if you’re looking for a new digital photo frame and have the money to splurge then Parrot has a new designer digital photo frame that costs a jaw-dropping and wallet-emptying $500. It doesn’t even come with an endearing model number and is known as the Parrot Digital Frame by Andree Putman instead. Features include a 7-inch display that is mounted in a larger plastic bezel as well as Bluetooth connectivity that makes it a snap for you to transfer photos to it from a phone or computer.

It has 10MB of storage space which is enough for approximately 400 photos, thanks to a little bit of pixie dust and the wonders of compression. Of course, you can always expand on that with an SD memory card slot. The power switch also allows you to change into a clock mode, although I wouldn’t use that as its primary function after forking out a cool half grand for it.