Dior Eyes gives you a backstage pass with Virtual Reality

Who says fashion and technology don’t go together? Lately, very few people I’m sure, and one of France’s premiere fashion houses, Dior, has just proved that point remarkably well by introducing their loyal and potential customers to the trending world of virtual reality. Enter Dior Eyes, a virtual joy-ride slash back-stage pass to what goes on behind the scenes at some of the world’s big fashion events.

Employing the use of virtual reality goggles that have been specially designed and created using state-of-the-art 3D printing with the help of DigitasLBi Labs France, the Dior Eyes are not your average run-off-the-mill VR device. The fashion house has incorporated a Field-of-View approaching 100 degrees and thrown in Holophonic sound to help further the VR experience by using an external mic to create live noises immersing you further into the frenzy that is back-stage at a fashion show .
It seems unlikely that Dior is interested in taking on the likes of Samsung, Occulus or Sony who are more mainstream in nature and designed for those who love tech; Dior’s target segment is the fashion aficionados who want to get as close to the action as possible without getting in anyone’s way or getting up from their seats.
Although the price hasn’t been announced just yet, this fashion statement in technology will be available in select stores come June. So while you’re waiting, check out the Dior Eyes video that the company posted on Youtube that will give you glimpse at how the product came to be.

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