DIRECTV Titanium Package for small screen enthusiasts

Ready to enjoy the delux DIRECTV entertainment? Only DIRECTV provides 100% digital-quality viewing on all channels; all the time. Currently DIRECTV has come up with this new electrifying Titanium, package. Within this titanium package DIRECTV offers- every channel, every movie, every Pay Per View (100% of PPV Classifications), all sports packages, every adult program (Playboy TV), and all HDTV channels. Plus, you get up to 10 HD DVR receivers (no additional DVR fee) and a 24/7 concierge service. Additionally you get a subscription to ON DIRECTV magazine.

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Cable rates are on the rise in India and $ 625 a month is very expensive even for Americans as they pay around $ 100 for the normal package of DirecTV. So it is approx 6 times more expensive. This is obviously a business package (sports bar, office, etc…) or for those that watch way too much TV. Titanium package is billed annnually, not monthly from 28th June onwards. With the variety of features offered, every Tom, Dick and Harry would love to be a part of it; but the membership charges being so high-priced only the affluent class can afford it. For $7,500, membership is reserved for a select few. Thus along with a hefty bank balance you also need a good luck charm to avail this offer.

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