Döttling unveils GrandCircle super safe with hi-fi sound system

The world is getting a more dangerous place to live in and we must find ways to secure our treasures in the best possible manner. German safe maker Döttling unveils its latest luxury safe – The GrandCircle. Not only is it a safe but also ‘multiple components for luxury living’ including 52 individually-controlled watch winders, a pendulum clock, bar, a cigar humidor and a high-end sound system. If hosting parties to show off your treasure trove is something you enjoy then this should be fun too. It is slightly over 2 meters and made from high-gloss lacquered wood varieties, stingray tail skin, Alcantara, and rhodium-plated metal components. Other features include the world’s smallest hi-fi subwoofer with four amplifiers and connected satellite loudspeaker – Elac MicroSUB 2010 sound system, controlled via iPhone or iPod.

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Also, a limited, handmade Naeschke pendulum clock boasting six ruby bearings, jewelry drawers, an air-humidified humidor made of Spanish cedar wood and a minibar are other surprises. Only 20 of these hand-numbered and signed objects will be available at a price of $265,600.
Thanks Markus