Dry Water Jet Massager for tired aching souls

With today’s busy lifestyle, everybody is stressed all the time and we all need something to relieve the tension. A full-body water jet massager sounds just like the thing, doesn’t it? Especially if it’s like one of those used to luxury hotel spas. This one is pretty darn cool with its aromatherapy option, relaxing audio, and some video to keep you entertained. It includes a 7 inch LCD screen with a DVD player that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies while being pampered. Also, you can use this to set the temperature. Obviously, this isn’t enough and we are greedy and want more. You can connect your iPod or CD player to this baby and enjoy any music of your choice through Bose headphones. wait, don’t go yet, there is more. It also features an integrated aroma diffuser that soothes you with scents from essential oils. How it works is that it has 28 nozzles that work on the principles of shiatsu. This really helps all those sore spots you want to get rid of. Although it works on water, you never even get wet!

The dry jet massager isn’t just a thing meant for filthy rich people anymore. Also, it is very convenient to install.