Ecopod by BMW Designworks for stylish recycling

My new year’s resolution to be more sympathetic to our earth and do more than usual to keep it green can kick start well with this latest BMW Designworks Ecopod. It is the world’s first home recycling center with valuable functionality and outstanding design in mind for everyday use in the home and office. Just drop your cans etc…that need to be recycled into the compartment on top and step on the peddle and you hear the crushing of said can or plastic bottle. Once crushed, it drops down to a compartment in the Ecopad that can easily be removed and moved to the curb for disposal. Exclusively designed by BMW Designworks, the eco pod cleans up the way you recycle with its eco-chic design and functionality. It not only recycles them but also sorts them too. It also boasts as a winner of the iF design awards. more images……….

So if you too are inclined to go green this year then get this Ecopod for $328 that comes in white or black.

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