Egyptian PC Casemod

A modern creation of the ancient times is what I feel like calling the PC case mod. Conceived and constructed by Chris Kramer (a.k.a “Jadragon”), the Casemod’s authentic looks are sure to deceive anyone into believing that it’s been recovered from King Amenhotep III’s closet. The EgyptMod PC is detailed with intricate hieroglyphics and encrusted with jewels and materials like Turquoise, Calcite, Lapis, Lazuli, Ivory, Coral, and Carnelian along with 68 pounds of hand-carved limestone. It took Chris more than 200 hours to carve everything. The PC Casemod inbuilt with a 21st century PC could have impending creepiness at times. (Don’t watch The Mummy with this thing next to you) .


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