EnergyPod from Metronaps to pep up morale

The last time I heard, power yoga was the answer to increasing efficiency and morale at the office. But somewhere down the line, the concept seems to have shifted back to a good ole afternoon nap. The siesta is the most common way to pep up you, but a fancy gadget to help you do that is what I would call a waste of money! Metronaps is a company that has come out with the EnergyPod, which aims at providing the employee with a twenty-minute power nap to increase his efficiency and morale. It comes designed with a Privacy Visor to give you the peace and quiet to sleep soundly, but sadly only for twenty minutes. To pamper you further, it plays built-in music (loaded onto an internal memory card) via the Bose speakers or headphones.

Luxury doesn’t come cheap, especially in the office; the EnergyPod costs $8000. I wonder from which account will that get funded from!

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