Epilog Zing Laser…Engraving creativity into your lives!

Epilog is getting you two things, a laser engraver called Zing and a new hobby or probably a whole new career if you happen to get obsessed with the Epilog Zing Laser engraver. It is all you ever wanted for yourself as this baby can do a lot of modifications, engravings and stuff on your iPod, phone practically everything you want to personalise with your chosen stamp or design. Its a great device and by using your grey cells you can probably take it one step further in terms of its application. The Zing is made to engrave and cut almost any material, be it wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, cork, Corian, glass, treated metals. Try avoiding getting a laser tattoo on your skin as it is definitely not recommended. It is very user-friendly as the Zing hooks up to your computer and is recognized just like a printer is and using Corel Draw, you can engrave any image with the laser. Calibration doesn’t take very long. It even allows you to preview where the design will go before you start engraving.

The Zing Laser has 25 watts of power, an all-metal, air-cooled laser tube, and several standard features such as Air Assist and a motorized engraving table. And apart from all these fun things it comes with a price tag of a whopping $7,995. Get that engraved in your mind or pockets!

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