Evanui μ: A high end omnidirectional speaker will mesmerize you with its performance

The markets these days are overflowing with luxurious and great quality speakers. So it’s definitely tough to pick one that suits your style and taste. But for all those who seek an extraordinary musical experience, the Evanui μ is a must-buy for sure. This ultra-luxurious speaker has been developed by ViV Laboratories, who will propose this speaker in Japan. A unique wooden omnidirectional speaker, it features FDM technology (Floating Diaphragm Mechanism). The exquisite evanui μ offers a maximum output of 100W with an impedance of 8Ω and works on 80Hz-30kHz frequencies. This high-end speaker that boasts of a great design, as well as performance, will be sold for a whopping 210 000 Yen ($2,150) on April 30.

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