Exomos Personal Luxury Submersible Yachts

Yachts have always been a thing of the rich. It may have less luxurious models too now but who needs those when the rich are more than willing to splurge. And they now have a good reason to shed the money as coming into the limelight is the very posh and lush Personal Luxury Submersible Yachts. Submarines are new toys of the rich and famous, and here is a manufacturer of submersible yachts more targeted to individual tastes and smaller vessels. Exomos manufactures a variety of submarines, and the one pictured here is called Proteus, which can submerge to a depth of around 60 feet. Sixteen divers can sit on the fore and aft deck and hang on while the boat submerges, and at the same time, eight people can sit inside the dry cabin and see out of its huge windows.

Exomos also offers single-person subs, submersibles for military use, and spy subs, too. And thankfully these don’t look like the weird and over-the-top colourful ones. On the contrary, these are really swelling! All the millionaires are sure to bank on this baby!

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