Experience the IMAX theater magic at home with the TOOB dome television

Now you have the chance to enjoy the experience of watching a movie at an illustrious IMAX theater in your very homes thanks to the new TOOB dome television! An amazing innovative technology involves a projector placed in front of a mirror that is reflected on the screen. The large screen of the TOOB television actually enables you to create a theater-like environment in your very home, and it is great to sit a few people in front of it (3 feet x 6 feet). But if you want to go all out, then you should opt for the larger Outdoor version that measures 8 feet x 16 feet. Sure, to become the entertainment center of your home, the TOOB dome television offers a unique experience, not just when it comes to viewing your favorite shows or movie but while playing games as well.

Simply amazing, the TOOB dome television retails for $1,400 and is a must buy for all.

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