Experience ultra frequency music with the $54,000 Q5 speakers

They say music is the food for the soul. How will good music reach your soul if you don’t have a speaker good enough to make that magic connection? But CES thinks otherwise! After giving the world ‘Magico,’ they now plan to introduce a brand new “Q” line of speakers. The first offering from this series will be the Q5. A full aluminum-bodied floorstander, the Q5 would also be compatible with speakers between V3 and M5 of the Magico range. The speakers are priced at around $54,000 each pair.

If cost is an issue, an in-house machine shop with six CNC milling machines helps you customize the Magico with the Q5 economically compared to the all-aluminum speakers “CES M6”. And if you wish to extend the ultra-high frequency response above 50kHz, keeping lower distortion levels and higher transmission speeds than the MR-1 ring radiator, Magico’s first tweeter, then an inverted dome designed the second tweeter by Magico’s is also available with the Q5.

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