Exquisite SolidAlliance Mnemosyne 16GB USB key can be yours for $10,420

Since I don’t have 7400euros ($10,420) to spare, I can hope and pray that someone gifts me this exquisitely designed SolidAlliance Mnemosyne USB key. This expensive USB key is designed by Toshi Satoji Design based in Milan, Italy. Named aptly after the Greek goddess of memory – Mnemosyne, this USB key is beauty personified. At first glance, you will never believe that this aluminum cube hides a USB key inside it. Designed like a beautiful puzzle, it boasts of a 16GB key in its center. Simply stunning, this designer USB key is not just a design masterpiece but a status symbol.

The perfect gift for your gadget freak billionaire boyfriend, this USB key is definitely a class apart. For more information click here.

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