F1 Showcar Motion Simulator: For all F1 fanatics

It is one thing being an F1 fan and another being a fanatic. F1 fanatics are known to go to any extent and even travel across the globe to be present at various F1 events. So if you are the F1 fanatic who has the moolah to splurge on his/her obsession, here is one F1 product you totally must own. Known as the F1 Showcar Motion Simulator, it is sure to give any F1 fan a thrilling experience. The Motion Simulator has been specially constructed on a motion platform pneumatic system that can hold a 190 cm tall, 90 kg heavy driver without breaking a sweat. Quite similar to the real thing, this Showcar Simulator boasts of a2009 full-size F1Showcar chassis and fiberglass composite bodywork, a Formula 1 shape racing seat with a harness, and F1 tires.

And just how much moolah will it require to make this Simulator your own? Well, it’s just $45,000. Not much for a Formula1 fanatic, or is it?

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