Faber Imago+ multi media hood, from gas to telivision

If Faber enthralled you with their Mirror art hood, then Imago+ will take decorative hoods to yet another level. The bar is risen and how! Imago+ is not just decorative it does a lot more to your kitchen and to your life than you could ever imagine and all in the good sense. Imago+, the multimedia hood with 19″ LCD TV analog and digital tuner also offers on board recipes, Internet, video call, multimedia player and USB input. It also has web cam, allowing you a constant monitoring of your home, so you never miss a beat and is a great service especially with toddlers at home. The sleek steel and glass finishes make your kitchen look extremely classy and minimalistic but stylish nevertheless. With Imago+ there is no trace if bad air as it purifies the air too.

Maximum air extraction rate is 870 m³/h at 70 db(A). Did I mention it is also has a cassette dishwasher-safe grease filter, remote control, filter saturation alarm, comfort light, Velo LED light and more. Phew! I think I am pleased, are you?

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