Fairlight Xynergi Media Production Centre for $28,000

For first I actually thought that it’s just a keyboard that’s tagged at a whopping $28,000. But that’s not the case. The XYNERGI is essentially a programmable controller from Fairlight. Harnessing the power of the CC-1 card, it is one of the world’s most powerful desktop media production centre. The Xynergi controller features a unique implementation of self-labeling key switches which are able to display full color images, animated icons or text to provide intelligent control over the entire recording, editing and mixing process.
take a look at the video after the jump…….

Furthermore, the controller can support any type of language or icon driven menu structure with an ‘on-demand’ QWERTY keyboard for routine naming tasks and immediate access to Windows applications. It also features eight touch sensitive rotary controllers and multiple soft keys arranged around a high–res color control zone known as the “pad”.

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