Ferrari vows to make better F1 drivers with it new simulator device

After flight simulators it’s now the turn for Formula 1 teams to make simulators to practice better for their extra competitive races. Well the heat seems to be on Ferrari as they launched a brand new simulator machine within the Gestione Sportiva. The first virtual lap at the simulator wheel was driven by Ferrari CEO Andrea Bertolini! Built with the technical help given by of Moog, the simulator is made with aluminium parts and composite structures fitted the cockpit and the equipment which produces required images and sound. The platform, on which it resides, is around two tons in weight and has electronically controlled actuators which weigh at around half a ton each.

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The whole structure is fitted on a specially designed and built base, weighing two hundred tons. It is controlled by ten multiprocessors that have a total of over 60 GB of RAM which produces around 5GB of data per day. It comes fitted with a Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system of 3500 W. The installation used just over ten kilometers length of cable generating around 130 kW worth of power.
The simulator is currently kept in a building measuring 180 square meters, which also has its own the control room. The platform of the simulator takes up a surface area of around eight meters in width and length and six meters in height. The driver seat is located in front of five displays, giving the rider over 180 degrees of viewing angle.

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