Ferrari-powered BaByliss Pro Volare X1 Clipper delivers sharp styling

Ferrari has been known to extend its branding to clothing, watches, and accessories. Now its design team has helped to build a hair clipper! Unexpected as it is, the Ferrari Design Team came up with this BaByliss Pro Volare X1 Clipper in conjunction with BaByliss. As efficient and superbly designed as a Ferrari can get, the BaByliss Pro Volare X1 Clipper comes with titanium-coated steel cutting blades, giving you that smooth and trim look as you step outside. This clipper sports higher performance insides than the conventional clipper and has a powerful motor designed by the guys at Ferrari Design, making it the supercar of hair clippers.

A perfect way to bring your motoring craze to your grooming cabinet, the BaByliss Pro Volare X1 Clipper sculpted by Ferrari is probably the quickest way to shave too!

[Available at Babylissus via – Autoguide]

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