Fiat launches mobile phones

Gizmo geeks and car-freaks have now got something in common to talk about. It’s the absolutely alluring and elite mobile phone range by “FIAT”. It caters to all needs of the consumer as it features Internet browsing, Bluetooth, an MP3 player, a camera with video recording. Its metamorphosis from cars to mobile phones is extremely eye-catching in the truest sense of the term. The designer range comes emblazoned with the Fiat logo and is finished in the traditional dark blue colors of the historic brand with a complete aluminum finish. That’s not it, there is much more to it. Apart from its premium looks and robust nature of their new mobile phones, certain models will be waterproofed models making them ideal for the casual surfer or full water-sports enthusiast.

The presentation is very reflective in terms of the brand. The phones will be displayed in the retail outlets in distinctive display cases that enclose them in four clear cylindrical tubes that are reminiscent of the pistons of a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine of the brand. The complete range will be available in selected ‘concept’ stores and boutiques across Italy this month, and then around Europe during the summer period. If you are a fervent go-getter be sure not to miss this…. It is a real catch!

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