Flashy Illusion cell-phone collection from GoldVish

Almost everybody owns a mobile phone and somehow these cell phones all look alike but there’s a way through for your mobile phone to “stand out.” The GoldVish mobile phone is made up of all those precious materials which make women swoon. Beginning from 25,600$ onwards; Goldvish has a list of cell phones that would even cause the richest billionaire to look twice. The company claims that no less than 140 grams of solid gold are used to assemble each cell phone. Of course the option of selecting rose, yellow or even white 18 ct gold along with VVS-1 top-quality diamonds also is yours. It’s your choice, if you have the pockets, they have the options ready. The “Illusion”, that’s the name of the collection from which you get to make your selection has 15 different handsets which are all GSM quad-band based (world roaming).

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They also have features like USB, Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM radio and a 2 gigabyte memory. The phone’s advanced high resolution 262k TFT display is covered Sapphire glass for protection. Its Li-Ion battery provides up to 400 hours of stand-by time. The back of the phone is covered in sting ray or crocodile skin giving it a unique texture. The phone would weigh a cool 200 grams or more upon completion. The dimensions would be approximately 110 x 46 x 17 mm.
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