For $108,000 this Russian company will build you a one off ‘solid gold’ AirPods Max headphones

Russian luxury goods brand Caviar is habitual of creating painfully overpriced versions of already expensive products, and the world is adjusting to the idea of acquiring them. They are back offering yet another overtly priced object that will drain you of your retirement money if the iPhone 12 Max Pro hasn’t already. A $108,000 version of Apple’s new AirPods Max over-ear headphones are coming our way looking spectacular in a “solid gold” version. Apple’s current aluminum earcups won’t do anymore, which is why the need for earcups made from pure gold. Caviar is also replacing the mesh headband with rare crocodile leather in white and black iterations (the earcups will remain in gold for both versions). The AirPods Max bridge is further accented with hints of gold on top of a crocodile leather base. The headphones, which normally do not have any logo, will feature Caviar’s emblem on each side. The models’ description read, ‘We are introducing the luxurious new Airpods Max Golden Black, a completely new perspective on headphones from Caviar jewelers. They are made of rare black crocodile leather and pure 750 gold. Caviar Airpods Max Golden Black combines the highest sound quality and perfect harmony of classic luxury and style. If you appreciate sophisticated design, laconicism, and innovation, this model was created for you.’

Since the Caviar AirPods Max headphones are selling at an astronomical price, only a single piece will be available worldwide. You can pre-order the one-of-a-kind AirPods Max headphones for a whopping $180,000 via Caviar’s website.

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