For the Dan Bilzerian in you – Bespoke gold plated Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra dedicated to playing cards

If you love playing cards, you could possibly fall in love with Caviar’s newest editions. We’re talking about the latest Galaxy S20 Ultra rendition pieces by the Russian brand, each of which is modelled after elements from a deck of cards. As is, the Samsung device boasts the best of tech with the 10x Hybrid Zoom and 100x digital zoom features, however, in adorning it further, Caviar has now upgraded the phone to a whole new level of luxe!

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In all, the latest Caviar ensemble is inspired from elements from the 4 card suits: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs, presented in versions of a joker and four aces. The ‘Ace editions’ feature a back panel made out of black/ red composite stone/onyx, a relief figure of the ace covered with 999-content gold and a Caviar logo, engraved on gold. However, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker that’s the real showstopper.

Showcasing a premium 24K gold plated Joker relief engraving, black onyx, composite kirinite, 3 rubies and 3 sapphires, the Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker is touted as the most elaborate model of the phone to date. Paying an ode to Blackjack, each variant in the collection is limited to 21 numbers, priced between $5,290 (Ace editions) to the more expensive $39900 (Gold Joker edition). The exclusive smartphones are currently available for purchase on Caviar’s official website.

[Via: TechEBlog]