For $10,700 the Ciclotte exercise bike adds beauty to your gym

If you are an avid follower of our blog, you will clearly remember the concept Ciclotte exercise bike which we dubbed, a functional piece of art. An aesthetic beauty, it promised unbeatable performance to all its users. However, since it was just a concept, we could just hope and wish that this high-end and extremely pleasing-to-look-at, bike turns into a reality soon. Well, our prayers have finally been answered as the bike’s designer Luca Schieppati has turned the concept into a reality. A high end creation, it is made from carbon fiber and other such exquisite materials. Furthermore, the stationary exercise bike boasts of a “dual satellite epicycloid system” of four gears which rotate an outer fly wheel four times for every rotation of the pedals.

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Additional resistance using magnets can be dialed in with a built-in touchscreen display. Stylish, unique and simply awesome, this is one piece of high end exercise equipment that is definitely a must buy for every luxury loving fitness enthusiast.
Sure to be the centerpiece of your home gym, the Ciclotte comes with a price tag that reads $10,700.

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