Former employees of the now defunct Vertu have launched a $4,000 phone

If you’re missing Vertu and all its magic, fret not! The company’s former design chief Hutch Hutchison (and several of its ex-employees) are set to launch an exclusive smart (or not so much) phones via their new venture Xor (pronounced “eggsor”).

The Hutchison led enterprise’s first handset is the Xor Titanium. Designed as a retro-looking version, the phone offers voice calling over 2G/3G, as well as SMS text messages. It features active noise cancellation and wireless charging and a battery that is expected to last up to five days on a single charge. Yes, that’s right!

With a prime focus on cybersecurity, the Xor device is an ideal match for business communications. Two people owning the same phone will be able to exchange calls and texts with end-to-end (AES256) encryption at the hardware level. The device will also enable a different ringtone to indicate if a call is encrypted or not and come with a remote secret key for remotely deleting data.

Aesthetically, the Xor Titanium phone looks like an old Nokia handset. It is made in Europe and is priced at $3,900. The exclusive device will be available for sale sometime in the first quarter of 2021. If you’re looking for efficient communication and some much-needed digital detox – this could very well be your new phone!

[Via: Slash Gear]

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