Fossili Modern Meteore floor lamp is uniquely crafted from found objects

Have you ever thought of lighting up your floors with lights especially to accentuate special home décor items like sculptures and paintings? Well if you are thinking now, you better act fast as limited edition Meteore floor light designed by Italian designer Massimiliano Adami is now up for grabs. Tagged as the “Fossili Moderni” (Modern Fossils), these lamps have been crafted with commonly found objects that the artist has handpicked, making each piece distinct. The body of the Floor Meteore lamos is set in polyuretane foam and recycled plastic, which also contain light sources. Limited to just 3 unique floor lights, they tend to glow for a little while whne in complete darkness. Priced at $12,000, these lamps should not be exposed to direct sunlight (UV), water, or solvents.

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