Franck Muller Sparkling Model iPhone cases dazzle up for the season

Remember this famous Swiss watchmaker? As you may recall, we had shown you the brand’s iPhone 4 case series which were created as a part of the 20-year celebrations. We’ll we left out the best detail till now. Get ready to spark this festive winter season with a style statement like no other. The ‘Sparkling Model’ polychromatic crystallized iPhone 4 jacket case has the same distinctive interlocking digit motif pattern but with a touch of shine. No one will be able to take their eyes off the luxury Swarovski crystals that can light up an entire room. But if dazzling under the limelight for you means just the right amount of sparkle, don’t forget there are five other designs to choose from in the Franck Muller Sparkling Model Jacket collection.

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The collection is however only available in Japan. So if you happen to know someone there, you can pay $2,150 (168,000 JPY) for the perfect Christmas gift that isn’t even available in America right now!

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